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We are excited and delighted to inform you that the organization and execution of our fitness and wellness programs have changed. In order to better serve the needs of our clients, we have restructured our programs to focus on the following areas:

  • Corporate fitness programs
    • Programming and management of corporate fitness facilities
    • On-site fitness training and education
    • Motivational fitness and wellness seminars
    • Consultant on fitness and wellness programs
    • Special event fitness demos and education sessions

  • Individual fitness and wellness
    • Consulting on fitness programs
    • Consulting on wholistic approach to wellness
    • Fitness, diet and wellness counseling
    • One-On-One fitness & wellness coaching
    • One-on-One fitness to Go packages

  • Fitness support to civic and community Organizations
    • Consulting on fitness programs
    • Providing fitness and aerobics demos for events and fairs
    • Providing fitness and wellness seminars
    • Teaching Margaret Dureke’s proven Eight Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss program

  • Public outreach activities to encourage fitness and health
    • Radio and TV appearances
    • Books and other publications

  • Fitness resource to other fitness and wellness organizations

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Our vision is to find the balance between activities that promote healthy lifestyle habits and prevent the onset of weight and eating habits. To shift toward celebrating good health & physical fitness at every size away from the present emphasizes on weight and thinness.
Our mission is to promote, exhibits, educate and proudly preserve our enviable African Cultural Heritage and to heighten greater understanding of African continent through multicultural exchange and afrocentric approach to fitness. We hope to use our mission and Margaret Dureke’s proven weight loose program to achieve our vision in the battle of bulge and search for healthy living.

Physical and mental fitness is the most valuable asset one can posses. Approximately 55% are overweight. Each year, Americans spend over $2 billion on exercise programs and products yet many remain overweight. Additionally, a significant portion of this population also suffer from some form of depression and low self-esteem. JAHS Fitness Center has found the answer to this phenomenon by combining "behavioral" physical fitness programs, mental and spiritual health. JAHS seeks to reduce not only the number of pounds that its clients weight, but to reduce the emotional pounds of stress and mental pressure that clients carry daily.

Many traditional fitness programs do not cater to African-American clients. African-American are looking for products and services that reflect their rich cultural heritage catering to and affirming our distinctive body type.


Physical Fitness: The physical fitness includes exercises which promotes cardiovascular challenge and endurance, and resistance training using minimum or no weight to gain lean muscle mass or muscular toning. We consider the physical health of a client as well as lifestyle and environmental conditions that may impact their fitness regimen, providing a personal touch that is often lacking in this industry.

Mental Fitness: Before determining the appropriate physical fitness routine for a client, JAHS clients undergo a one-on-one consultation which includes discussion of emotional and mental health characteristics that may impact their physical state. In addition, clients participate in an educational session on the anatomy of the human body and how it works. JAHS also provides a number of educational materials and resources that may be useful to its clients. A "fitness consultant" frequently check in with clients to monitor their mental fitness throughout the process. Due to John Dureke’s educational and experience as a counselor, it makes it easier to be able to have hands-on training with dealing with any situation.

Our bodies manifest what our spirits is feeling. Studies have proven that depression, gastric disorders, hypertension and hair loss are many times related to our spiritual disposition. JAHS addresses this phenomenon by Odiche relaxation with by Gospel and dance music which gets one in touch of oneself.
Organization History :JAHS Odiche Fitness & You, Inc., was founded by Margaret and John Dureke. Since its inception, JAHS has experienced phenomenal growth in a very short period of time. Within six months of opening, the business outgrew its facility and relocated to a larger facility in the same area. As JAHS strove to make a name for itself, the membership continued to grown. Since JAHS expanded for the second time to its present location, it has helped several thousands of people achieve their fitness goals and healthier lifestyles.



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