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Margaret Dureke featured in Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Margaret Dureke was featured in the July issue of the national celebrity magazine, Sister 2 Sister.

"Margaret Dureke's tips for a healthy life" are prominently featured in the Beauty & Fitness section (p.54), "Move to Lose" by Janet Shields Scott, Licensed Beauty & Fitness Consultant.


In her article, Scott says:

Some of life's emotional stress leads to bingeing or not taking care of ourselves. Fitness professional Margaret Dureke shared her emotional gains and struggles in her book, How to Succeed Against All Odds. She also has created a set of fitness videos. The "Odiche" Dance Aerobics video (Tape 2) is an intermediate, low impact aerobic movement set to African music. [Quoting Margaret] "My motivation for creating the books and fitness videos was shedding more than 70 lbs. My message is not about thin or heavy, it's about being healthy," enthused the mother of three.

To purchase Margaret and John Dureke's books or for more information on JAHS, visit or call 301-864-2800.

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