Examples of Programs Available for Fun and Results

Full & Fit

This class is geared toward beginners and the very overweight.
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Soca Aerobics

This class is in addition to our regular aerobics and weight loss programs.
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Odiche Dance Aerobics/Floor Combo

This class provides a total body workout emphasizing low stress and impact to the joints, while providing a high intensity workout so you can burn the fat and help tone and condition your body. Enjoy the latest African and Caribbean music while you waste away the unwanted fat.
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Afro Kick Box/Reggae Aerobics

This is the newest, fun and most efficient way of maximizing your cardiovascular workout, endurance, increase your flexibility and gain muscular toning at the same time. The energetic African, Caribbean and Latin music used with the session makes the total work routine therapeutic to the mind, body and soul.
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"Odiche" Relaxation

In this class, you learn to release stress and manage stress. Diaphragmatic breathing techniques, flexibility stretching, relaxing and getting in touch with the inner self is taught. Anyone with a highly stressful job or lifestyle will benefit tremendously in this class.
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Low Impact dance Aerobics/Floor Combo

This class combines all the benefits of low impact aerobics with the conditioning of floor exercises. This is a good class for lunch hour aerobics because the focus is on the whole body in a short period of time. Join us twice a week at lunch hour and dance your way to fitness.
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Step For Life

This is the latest and hottest craze in aerobic workout for the 90ís. It provides high intensity, yet low impact on the joints. This is a great way to obtain card iorespiratory endurance, weight loss, and overall fitness.
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Tighten, Stretch, Tone & Flex

This is the class everyone must take. It is a great class for everyone. Using dyna-bands, body weight and/or free weights, this class is designed to bring strength, resistance, and flexibility to all muscle groups and produce the definition you want.
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Floor Works

This phenomenal class concentrates primarily on abs, thighs, legs, and arms. Taking this class will augment your aerobics exercise program by enhancing definition tone, strength, endurance, and a whole lot more. It attacks hips, thighs, buttocks, and abs at your own pace.
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"Odiche" Dance

This is the latest fun and funky way to waste away the unwanted fat and tone all body parts. Odiche dance fever "Odiche is the latest Euro-African hip hop dance aerobics.

Low impact, yet high intensity. Come and enjoy the latest in African high life music while you condition your body, mind and soul.
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Chi-Chiís West African Dance

"Odiche" dance is a creative African dance designed to make you move to the rhythm of the raw African songs/music. These movements and music will send you craving for more. If you want to learn the basics of African dance or if you enjoy moving to African songs and dance, this is where you need to be. This class is also great for children from three years and up.
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African Creative Movement

Come and enjoy the latest in African and Caribbean music while you learn how to exhale using diaphragmatic breathing techniques. Relax and stretch all your muscles and joints. Achieve the flexibility you need, and reduce stress.
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Personalized Training

Individual one on one training. The program is tailored to accommodate the individual health, physical and other conditions of the client.
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Weight Management Counseling

Jahs Fitness offers a variety of weight management services and counseling designed for those needing guidance with weight control, special nutrition and healthier eating habits. Margaret Durekeís inspiring and motivational successful weight loss program is often used as a profile and guideline where necessary.

"Margaretís weight loss program is one point" says Dr. Rovenia Brock of BETs Heart and Soul Magazineís Nutritionist and Co-Host of BETís Heart and Soul television show (Heart and Soul MagazineNovember l December issue, 1998,page 56).

Nutritional Counseling

Our counseling nutritional services allows our clients a one-on-one with our registered clinical dietitian who has over 20 years of experience to counsel and analyze the clients eating habits and provide an alternative individual food plan where needed. Margaretís Eight (8) steps to successful permanent weight loss program is used or modified to meet the individual needs of the clients.
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Today, Margaret Dureke has become a well sought after motivational speaker and her eight (8) secrets to a successful permanent weight loss program is making news in the Washington D .C. Metropolitan area and beyond. Ms. Dureke has spoken at such places as- Unites States Department of Treasury, United States Department of Commerce (Patent & Trademark Office),SAMS CLUB, Law Firms (Hogan & Hartson), health and fitness workshops and fairs, churches, schools, and lot of other smaller organizations.

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Exercise Videos

Jahs "Odiche" Dance Tapes are your alternative to the boring traditional exercise tapes. Looking for something refreshing, different, exciting, inspiring, empowering, fun and entertaining at the same time this tape is surely for you.

A very unique workout choreographed with African drum beats and "Odiche" dance routines with authentic African and Caribbean moves and traditional dance routines. It is sure to help you burn calories, tone, gain energy, and increase your cardiovascular endurance. Margaret is a friendly, inspirational, fun and motivational instructor, and carefully builds each combo and always offering encouragement...."and remember, those who cannot find time to exercise, must make time for illness."


JAHS "Odiche" Step Aerobics Video

Regular Price: $24.99 Sale: $19.99
Length: 45 mins.
Warm up:15 mins.
Peak: 25 mins.
Cool down:12 mins.



JAHS "Odiche" Dance Aerobics Video

Regular Price: $24.99 Sale: $19.99*
Length: 25 mins.
Warm up: 5 mins.
Peak: 15mins.
Cool down: 5 mins.


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