"Our instructor, Margaret Dureke, is a fantastic advocate for improving the quality of one's life through exercise and fitness. My doctors are delighted with the improvements to my health and appearance since I joined her class in 2000. [Read complete testimonial]

Gloria- Washington, DC, Jahs Member since 2000

"I came to the NB C-4 Your Health and Fitness Expo, to find inspirations and found it in Margaret and her program. The African and African American Community needs more positive role models and entrepreneurs such as Margaret to inspire and motivate us to take care of ourselves.’

Lauri- Washington, DC, 1998 NBC-4 Your Health Expo

"The two tapes I bought from you the "Step" and the "Odiche"video are excellent. My children and husband exercises to them with me. It has helped me reduce stress and fee I much better about myself. Thanks a lot Margaret!"

Kaalique- Washington D.C, 1998 NBC-4 Your Health Expo

"When I joined Jahs in October, 1996, I was a size 18 and today, I am a size 8. I can’t tell you how much I really appreciated all your concerns, healthy advice and help. I owe it all to you. Through your unique way of delivering aerobics, and taking it to the next level, it has certainly helped me to love exercising and feel good about myself.

Barbara-Hyattsville, MD., Jahs Member since 1996

"When I joined Jahs in May 1997, I was in shape but not as toned as I wanted to be. Through the help of Jahs workouts, not only am I toned but I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been. I even went down 3 dress sizes. Thanks A lot Jahs!

Cathy-Hyattsville, MD.,Jahs member since 1997

The above testimonials are just some of our accomplishments since we have been in business. For us, success is about putting a smile on someone’s face and helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.




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