The management team of Jahs Fitness Center consist of highly skilled and effective leaders who have used their years of personal and professional experiences and knowledge to make Jahs the successful business it is today.

John Dureke
Executive Director
Mr. Dureke oversees the corporate policy and organizational structure of Jahs in addition to managing the weight counseling services. His education, skills, talent and work experience make him an integral part or the business. Mr. Dureke has a BA in Political Science from Hiram College in Ohio, with a concentration in international politics. He also earned a Masters Of Science in Human Relations from the New York Institute of with a concentration in general counseling
Margaret Dureke
Managing Director

Ms. Dureke is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the company.

She is also responsible for managing the team of aerobic instructors. Ms. Dureke graduated with honors in BA in Political Science (suma cum laude) from Howard University in Washington D. C.

She also earned her law degree from American University, also in Washington DC.

Additionally, she is a certified aerobics instructor and is the lead dancer for Chi-Chiís African Cultural Heritage dance troupe. Ms. Dureke has a life time of experience in the fitness industry, dating back to her high school years, in high jumps, track and field events. Ms. Dureke is a recognized authority on fitness and African dance.

Ms. Dureke and Jahs Fitness center have appeared in major magazine such as Heart & Soul magazine and have worked with major media networks such as NBC4 and BET. Margaretís weight loss program has been endorsed by Dr. Rovinia Brock of BETís Heart and Soul Magazineís Nutritionist and CO-Host of BETís Heart and Soul Fitness show. (Heart and Soul Magazine November/December issue, 1998,page 56)

Carl Wallace, RD,LD

Mr. Wallace is a registered and licensed dietitian with over 20 years of expertise in the area of medical nutrition therapy and health and wellness education with specialization in cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, diabetes, obesity, sports nutrition and geriatrics. He is currently a staff clinical dietitian at Howard University Hospital and also has a private practice. After many years of treating the sick patient, he responded to the need to educate and train people on the area of creating health and wellness for life. He has participated in numerous workshops, health fairs, radio and television promotions. Mr. Wallace is also a member of the American Dietetic Association, and the American Diabetes Association.

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