Television and Radio Shows


Jahs has a weekly TV exercise program called "Odiche" Fitness and You. The program airs three times a week, Mondays at 4:30pm. Thursdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 10am. The program airs on Jones Cable Channel 15B/A in Prince George’s County, MD.

This program has been on the air for over a year and is doing very well, and has gotten raving reviews from the general public. Since the inception of the TV program, Jahs’ popularity has heightened.

The TV program features Margaret Dureke and her aerobics team. It usually includes three segments, warm-up, the peak performance, and the cool down, backed by African and Caribbean music that is therapeutic to the soul. The routine accommodates every fitness level.

Margaret’s clear instructions during these programs, ensure that you exercise with proper form to avoid injury and increase workout efficiency. Throughout the routines, Margaret also inspires your spirits by sharing her personal testimony of weight loss ... From 220 inactive pounds to the strong, physically fit and healthy woman she is today.


Clips from the Heaven 1580 Show coming soon.




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